John Brown’s Newspaper Article. 2018 02 21


In answer to a patriot who asked what kind of government we will have, a signer of the Constitution replied, “A Republic, if you can keep it”. In other words, if the citizenry participate, the government should last.  You may wonder what this has to do with shuffleboard. We have government at the club, district, state, national and international levels in shuffleboard. The success at each level depends upon active volunteer participation by the players, those most interested and capable of keeping the sport healthy. Interest and participation wax and wane, groups come and go. It requires attention; you cannot leave everything to others if you want self-government to succeed even in shuffleboard. This issue of this column will concentrate on the Southwest Coast District of the Florida Shuffleboard Association.

The Spring Open Board Meeting of the SWCD will be held at Bradenton Shuffle Club at 1:00 P.M. on Saturday, March 3. Issues likely will include election of officers, rules, schedules, and plans for the future. Length of games, tournaments, formats, masters tournaments – all these things require thoughtful attention and wise decision-making.
The District will be no stronger than the people who attend to these issues. Recent meetings have seen the embarrassment of 30 absent presidents of our 40 member clubs. All 40 should attend or send a delegate with written permission of such a president. Among our needs are a more thriving competition among amateur players. Our Amateurs are our future. This columnist is beginning his 25th year of Florida competition. Only 15% of his peers remain today. This district needs rejuvenation to remain healthy. May we depend upon you to help us keep what we have?
FL P-20A at Golf Lakes, February 12, M/L Doubles, 75 points. Men Main: 1. Dave Minnich and partner, 2. Ron Nurnberger-Dwayne Cross, 3. Dave Kudro-Jerry Everett. Consolation: 2. John L. Brown-Peter Berg, 3. George Godson-Elmer Heisler. Ladies Main: 1. Terri Smith and partner, 2. Pam Nurnberger and partner, 3. Arlene McCague-Margaret Hartzler, 4. Marlene Coburn-Lois Wegner. Consolation, 2. Jill DeBruyne-Siggy Gudzus, 3. Cheryl Putnam-Ingrid Broadhead, 4. Letha DeVries-Bet Pitts.
FL A-18 at Golf Lakes, February 13, Any Amateurs/Any Doubles, 75 points. Main: 1. Michael Sadler-Rob Cochran, 2. Rita Marderosian-Mary Fowler, 3. Dian Darrah-Sandra Kolasinski, 4. Martha Kaufman-Janet Eisses. Consolation: 1. Janice O’Sullivan 2. Wilma and Linden Terwilliger. (Only 6 teams entered).
SWCD D-17 at Bradenton, February 15, No 2 Pros, M/L Doubles, 75 points. Ladies Main: 1. Arlene McCague-Kay Lynn Duncan, 2. Adriana Cramton-Helen Lunsford, 3. Terri Smith-Marilyn Rotman, 4. Jill DeBruyne-Kathy Laver. Consolation: 1. Carol Maxwell-Heather Godson, 2. Elaine Antaya-Pat Tomko, 3. Shirley McCullough-Barbara Young, 4. Linda Wallingford-Janice O’Sullivan. Men Main: 1. Bill Bierema-Dwayne Cross, 2. Ron Nurnberger-Cau Huynh, 3. Ed Leonard-Gary White, 4.Maurice Joyal-John Roberson. Consolation: 1. J.R. Rathburn-Rick Hall, 2. Russ Spoto-Joseph Sciortino, 3. Bob Comford-Randy Merry, 4. Don Sprague-John L. Brown.
Today is the second day of FL P-21A at Trailer Estates and P-21B at Melbourne Tropical Haven. At Trailer Estates we have hosted the DeSoto Doubles for about 50 years. P-21 is M/L Open Doubles. TE has pleasant, covered grandstands.
Today is also the second day of FL A-19A at Sebring and 19B at Leesburg. Any Amateurs/Any Doubles.
Thursday, February 22 at Bradenton Tropical Palms, SWCD D-18, M/L Open Doubles, 75 points.
Friday, February 23 at Bradenton Tropical Palms, SWCD A-14, Any Amateurs/Any Doubles, 75 points. (State Ams no move-up points, Masters points only.)
Next Monday, February 26, FL P-22A at Tavares, M/L Open Doubles, 75 points. Also Feb. 26, FLP-22B at Lee County, Open Mixed Doubles (1 Lady, 1 Man), 75 points.
. Saturday, March 10-11 at Mirror Lake, St. Petersburg Club hosts 2018 Can-Am Non sanctioned Tournament. 559 Mirror Lake Drive, St. Petersburg, FL 33701. Saturday, Canada Division and American Division, Six 10 frame games. Sunday, Top 8 return for playoffs. Good fun in a historic place – Amateurs Only!
. Sympathy to Florida Hall of Fame Member Marlene Coburn upon the passing of her husband Carson Coburn, Feb. 16. Carson also shuffled well, and was friend to many.
. A little bird hinted that Terri Smith has 199 points.
Happy Shuffling.

Click on the link IF YOU WISH to read the actual supporting remarks by Roy Norman in support of John’s Induction into the FSA HOF. Stan McCormack.


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