Linda Rebholz Reports from Fort Pierce!!

Dave Clugstone, President Fort Pierce Shuffleboard Club

Judy Cross, tournament director

The Fort Pierce Shuffleboard Club has an enviable location on the Indian River. We can watch the yachts cruise by, and the dolphin play while enjoying gentle breezes. Of course, this location is why we fight the City tooth and nail to hold onto our courts. Those “gentle” breezes were blowing at about 25 mile an hour for our district tournament this week. It challenges your skills!!

John Moshka of Spanish Lakes #1 made State Amateur.

We proved this week that when players work together you can overcome any obstacle. We thank Judy Cross, tournament director for coming to our rescue. We also thank David Clugstone, Club President and all the volunteers.

We had 14 teams for this draw tournament, a little low, but everyone had a good time.

Linda Rebholz

Janice French, First Place Main, no pic of partner.

Tournament No. 19
Draw No. Two Pros, Ft. Pierce, Feb. 22-23, 2018
Sponsor: Center for Advanced Eye Care, Vero Beach

1. Tom Plumpton–Janice French Wickham Park/Whispering Creek
2. Gregg Myers–Mary Mahon Vero Beach/Whispering Creek
3. Jacques Beaudry–Gary Snay Lakes of Melb/Spanish Lakes #1
4. Dotty Koert–JohnMoshka Spanish Lakes #1

Dick Stonecipher, 1st Cons. 

Betty Maguire, 1st Cons.

Dick Stonecipher–Betty Maguire Spanish Lakes CC/Whispering Creek
2. Harriet Cooper–Tony Young Cambridge/Ridgeway
3. James Wyer–Carol Wolf Vero Beach
4. Dominic Nardone–Rod Martin Spanish Lakes #1
Directed by Judy Cross

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1 Response to Linda Rebholz Reports from Fort Pierce!!

  1. Mary says:

    Great job Linda I really enjoy those posts..


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