Ron Nurnberger Reports for the SWCD.

We all understand a ‘Daily Double’ refers probably to Horse or Dog racing or even JEOPARDY! But SWCD Pro Mike Marquis pulled off a Shuffleboard “Weekly Double” by taking first place in FSA P-21A (at Golf Lakes) and again (Friday) in the SWCD district tourney at Bradenton Tropical Palms.  Thanks to Ron Nurnberger: Go here for complete results:

Mens Main (L-R) 1st Place; Mike Marquis & ‘Tiny’ Lozano. 2nd Place; Dave Minnich & Faron (Rust Bucket) VanDegrift

Ladies Consolation Division were (L-R): 2nd Place; Kathy Laver & Adriana Cramton. 1st Place: Cindy Slaughterbeck & Evelyn White

Ladies Main 3rd & 4th Place were (L-R): (3rd) Shirley McCullough & Carol Maxwell. 4th Place: Bonnie Walker & Heather Godson.

Mens 3rd & 4th in the Main were (L-R) 3rd; Jerry Everett & Jim Miller. 4th place; John L Brown & Stan Kowalewski

Mens Consolation (L-R): 3rd Place, Bob Comfort & John Roberson. 4th Place Ken Maxwell & Jean Wilson Jr. (not Pictured).

LADIES MAIN (L-R): 2nd Place; Eva Mae Lake & Jill Debruyne. 1st Place; Arlene McCague & Cheryl Putnam.
NOTE: Talk about ‘Daily Doubles,’ Arlene McCague has a ‘Triple Double,’ as she took 1st Place in 6 District Tournaments this season! Congrat’s Arlene!


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