“From The North” by Al Dronsfield!!!

This week had players in the northern district going to Deland. 47 players showed up for what begins as a singles tournament and ends up being a draw and partners event on day two. As you can see by the results the men draw a female to finish the tournament.
Next week will be a busy week for the Tavares club as the state split has the Mens Dbls./Ladies Dbls. at Tavares followed up on Thursday and Friday as a district draw tournament. Lunch to be served at both events..
Results as follows.

1st. Frank Cherill/Carol Helfer ———————————– Leesburg
2nd. Stan Williamson/Edna Triplett ————————— QuailHollow/C/M
3rd. Bob Metz/Bonnie Radke ———————————– Deland/C/M
4th. Dennis Buelk/Dee Metz ———————————— Deland/C/M

1st. Philip Wade/Carol Adams ———————————- C/M/Hawthorne
2nd. Rodney Lewis/Jan Dally —————————————- Deland
3rd. Tom Rimmer/Alice Vandevender ———————– C/M/Orange City
4th. Ron Bodo/Bonnie Goetzinger ———————- Tavares/Hawthorne

Reported by Al Dronsfield. 2018 02 25.

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