The ARIZONA STATE MIXED DOUBLES PLAYOFFS will be held on March 8th & 9th at Venture Out RV Resort in Mesa.

ASA President Dale Monday and Sheila the First Lady

The playoffs will be hosted by ASA District I and the Venture Out Shuffleboard Club. Sponsoring this event will be M & S Shuffleboard and Polyglide Inc.

Teams from the five Arizona State districts will compete in a round robin playoff with the winners in the championship division being declared the 2017-18 Arizona Shuffleboard State Mixed Doubles Champions. Sheila and Dale Monday are the co-directors of these playoffs.

In order to compete in these playoffs the shufflers must have won 1st place in either the championship or consolation divisions in their respective district playoffs. The district winners are:

Championship Division

District I (Mesa) – Lou & Millie Holtz
District II (Tucson) – Janet Dunn & John Murray
District IV (Apache Junction) – Cheryl & Mick McNeely
District V (Sun City) – Dave Frasier & Betty Silver

Consolation Division
District I – Ruth Hugen & Tom Wiehle
District II – JoAnn Delong & Leo Dodd
District III – Jane McWillie & Mike Hughes
District IV – Joyce & Wally March
District V – Dennis & Janet Rooks

The Mondays will send a follow-up article containing the results after the playoffs are concluded.  Posted by Stan. 2018 02 27

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