Lofty Haskim and Diana Morrison Continue to Support Shuffleboard!!

Lofty and Diana are no longer able to Shuffle, BUT they continue to support  Shuffleboard!!!

What a Great Great Couple!!  Diana Morrison and Lofty Haskim!!  Picture on the left was taken to-day, 2018 02 28; pic on the right taken at the FSA HOF Banquet in 2005!!  (Both by Stan)

Both were as happy to-day as they were on the occasion of Dianna’s Induction into the  HOF.  Lois and I were proud to be invited guests at Dianna’s Induction.  3 Diana Morrison HOF The Shuffler

Re Pic on left: Both are wearing the Shirts given to Workers in support of the 2018 Polk County Senior Shuffleboard Event taking place at the Lakeland Shuffleboard  Facility.  In excess of 150 Shufflers participated.  Workers were kept busy!!!

Cannot forget Lofty’s HOF:    Lofty Haskim Into the CD Hall of Fame and

I add a thought which entered my mind as I wrote this item:  FSA President Kudro said this in a motivational article just published: “If every single shuffler, whether it be State wide, Nationally or Internationally, would take an active part to promote shuffleboard, be active in their club, bring in new shufflers and make them feel welcome and appreciated, it would pay big dividends for a bright future of Shuffleboard.
Dave Kudro FSA President.”  With Lofty and Diana, we have  an example of two shufflers who can no longer shuffle, WHO ARE DOING THEIR PART to ensure a bright future for Shuffleboard!!! 

Stan McCormack. 2018 02 28. To read the complete article by President Kudro, click:


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1 Response to Lofty Haskim and Diana Morrison Continue to Support Shuffleboard!!

  1. Virginia Chandler says:

    What a great tribute these two have made for the future of shuffleboard ! Thank you !

    Liked by 1 person

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