P22B hosted by Lee County by shufflebob58@gmail.com

Marilyn Everett. Jerry Everett

Dianna Allen. Jerry Holbrook

The pro tournament was held Monday and Tuesday at Lee County and most of the State big guns journeyed to Lee County. Earl B, Henry S., Glenn P., Dave K., Jim M., Ron and Pam, Terri S. They kept coming till there were 48 teams in this mixed tournament. But one by one, they were eliminated till they were all gone. The Southern District took 9 of the 16 spots led by Dianna Allen and Jerry Holbrook who won the tournament.

Consolation was won by a couple from SW coast Marilyn and Jerry Everett. The results:
1st main Dianna Allen – Jerry Holbrook
2nd main Pete Sikoski – Julianna Hogye
3rd main Carol and Mike Healey
4th main Dotty Koert – Jacques Beaudry

1st con Marilyn and Jerry Everett
2nd. con Colleen Austin – John Brown
3rd con Wally and Jan Tyssen
4th con Chèryl and Robert Conkle

Sent along by Bob Smith.  2018  02 28

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