BREAKING NEWS: Mike Vassolotti Comes Out of Retirement!!!

Mike Vassalotti

West Coast Webmaster Stan Bober Reports: Stan, I finally received the results and pictures but it’s really much sooner than I expected.

When the tournaments are at St. Petersburg, the Director snail mails the results to Betty and myself.  This time, the results were delivered to my door by my neighbor, Frank Niziolek, who also happened to come in 1st Place. My other neighbor, Steve Raimondi, played Frank for position, either 1st or 3rd and Frank won the battle.  Click to see complete results:

As a side note, Hall of Famer Mike Vassolotti has come out of retirement and playing once again. He even came in 2nd.  

Mike Vassalotti Interview. 05 01 04   Stan McCormack Speaks: In 2005 I carried a small recorder and interviewed players of high interest. Mike was certainly one of those players. Click on the link to see why. Mike certainly has changed, haven’t we all?? Find him inn Stan (Bober’s) link. 

Posted by Stan McCormack. 2018 03 02

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1 Response to BREAKING NEWS: Mike Vassolotti Comes Out of Retirement!!!

  1. Dabobbers says:

    Thanks Stan, Nice job recalling your interview with Mike V.  I haven’t had the chance to talk to him but you gave us all the scoop on Mike. He’s before our time for most shufflers I know and he’s a legend to many that did know him. Hall of Famer Arlene Guerrini related to me that Mike was known as the very best “board player” in the entire state!No doubt that skill came from countless hours of practice. stanwcd webmaster


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