The Central District Will Soon Conduct Their “Masters”

Reiny Schleier, Founder of the District Masters in the CD

As will most Districts, CD (Central District) of the FSA (Florida Shuffleboard Assn. will hold their “Masters” beginning Thursday, March 15th at Zephyrhills Shuffleboard Club.

The CD calls their “Masters” the Reiny Masters in honor, in memory of Reiny Schleier.  To read about Reiny, click: REINY SCHLEIER  In addition to the Top 8 District Amateurs, the Top 8 State Ams, and the Top 8 Pros. compete.

I am now going to insert, in pdf format, the total number of points earned by all players of the CD.  Thanks to Glenn Monroe: click to review:  CTL_MstPts 

The “Masters” is a celebrated event!  Clubs compete to host the “Reiny Masters”.  The 3rd day of the “Reiny” is intended to be more social than competitive. Finger Food Plus takes place in the afternoon of the 3rd day.  BUT, look at the field for any of the 6 Divisions; there will be some Great Matches in all 6!!  Posted by Stan McCormack, 2018 03 02.


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