“From the North” by Al Dronsfield!!

A wrap up from the north as the tournament was a Am only draw and a Pro only draw. Under sunny skies and warm temps, let the games begin. Many interesting teams came out of the draws both Am’s and Pro’s. The results to follow but first information for the remainder of the season..

The Northern District will be hosting it’s annual Tournament of Champion’s tournament at Deland next Thursday and Friday. Many qualifiers will be there and it appears we’ll have some cooler temperatures to play in. Bring your lunch’s.

Next the Northern District will host it’s District Master’s tournament also held at Deland on the 22nd. and 23rd. of the month. This will be the top 8 amateur men and top 8 amateur ladies. We will also have the top 8 pro men and top 8 pro ladies playing in this 2 day event. Many new faces at both levels in this tournament. The award’s banquet will follow the event, bring your lunch’s for this one also.

Results from the Amateur Only Draw at Tavares 3/1 – 3/2 Director – Jack Wooten 15 Teams

1st. Gary Knox/Fred Thompson —————————————————————– MFL/Leesburg
2nd. Randy Radke/John Harrington ———————————————————— C/M/Quail Hollow
3rd. Ron Bodo/Sonny Skoch ——————————————————————— Tavares
4th. Mark Goetzinger/Barbara Rush ———————————————————— Hawthorne/C/M
1st. Paul Hodges/Danny Richards ————————————————————– Leesburg/Clerbrook
2nd. Rodney Lewis/Freeda Carr —————————————————————– Deland/Hawthorne
3rd. Joe Inga/Ron Theriault ———————————————————————– Deland/MFL
4th. Larry Mills/Judy Kolczinski —————————————————————— Hawthorne/Clerbrook

Results from the Pro Only Draw 21 Teams
1st. Larry Whalen/Carol May ——————————————————————— Leesburg/Hawthorne
2nd. Frank Cherill/Gail Howell ——————————————————————– Leesburg
3rd. George Snyder/Philip Wade —————————————————————- Clermont/C/M
4th. Dick Kolczinski/Christine Giumarra ——————————————————- Clerbrook/Deland
1st. Bob Robinson/John Giumarra ————————————————————– Hawthorne/Deland
2nd. Ron Carr/Doris Hanke ———————————————————————— Leesburg/Hawthorne
3rd. Walt Vilk/Jeff Luneau ————————————————————————- C/m/Tavares
4th. Dave Dean/Dee Metz ————————————————————————- Leesburg/Deland

Reported by Allen Dronsfield 3/3/18

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