Allen Dronsfield Gives Us His “Report From the North”

The Northern District held they’re TOC tournament Thursday and Friday this week in some pretty chilly weather and most where bundled up and unrecognizable. Ear muffs, scarfs and the likes were normal attire for this one.
This tournament of course was the last chance to get ones self into the district master’s to be held back a Deland on the 22nd and 23rd of the month.
A new face in the ladies amateur division, Christine Inga of Deland gets her name engraved on the Frank Willson plaque this year as does Paul Hodges of Leesburg winning the amateur men. Paul has really come into his own this season as he has worked as hard as anyone on his game. Paul regularly shows up a Leesburg on Sundays for my clinics or a one on one with myself.
In the pro ladies, Lorraine Layton from Tavares took the top spot and a ghost from the past came out of the woodwork in the likes of Stan Williamson to take the top honor in the pro men.
Congratulations to all that braved the cooler temperatures to play this event.
Donna King and Jack Wooten directed this one with sponsorship from the district.

Amateur Ladies 8 entries
1st. Christine Inga —————————————————————– Deland
2nd. Barbara Allen —————————————————————– Deland
3rd. Arlene Jabaut —————————————————————– C/M
4th. Bonnie Goetzinger ———————————————————– Hawthorne
1st. Louise Donnelly ————————————————————— Deland
2nd. Donna Lewis ——————————————————————- Deland
3rd. Diana Vincent —————————————————————— MFL
4th. Pat Moody ———————————————————————- MFL

Amateur Men 14 Entries
1st. Paul Hodges ——————————————————————- Leesburg
2nd. Rodney Lewis —————————————————————– Deland
3rd. Fred Thompson ————————————————————— Leesburg
4th. Gearld Jabaut —————————————————————– C/M
1st. DeWayne Toomey ———————————————————— Clermont
2nd. Dave Martin ——————————————————————– Tavares
3rd. Joe Inga ————————————————————————- Deland
4th. John Harrington ————————————————————— Quail Hollow

Pro Ladies 12 Entries
1st. Lorraine Layton —————————————————————- Tavares
2nd. Alice Vandevender ———————————————————— OC
3rd. Carol Helfer ——————————————————————— Leesburg
4th. Christine Giumarra ———————————————————— Deland
1st. Edna Triplett ——————————————————————— C/M
2nd. Gail Howell ———————————————————————– Leesburg
3rd. Jan Dally ————————————————————————– Deland
4th. Patty Foster ———————————————————————- Tavares

Pro Men 18 Entries
1st. Stan Williamson —————————————————————– Quail Hollow
2nd. Rick Enright ———————————————————————- Tavares
3rd. Walt Bartels ———————————————————————- Deland
4th. Allen Dronsfield —————————————————————– Tavares
1st. Tom Rimmer ——————————————————————— C/M
2nd. Rex Galusha ——————————————————————— C/M
3rd. Ron Raymond ——————————————————————- C/M
4th. Bob Metz ————————————————————————– Deland

There you have it, again all spots are set for the district master’s except a tie in the number 8 spot in the pro men. George Snyder and Walt Bartels share that one and I assume there will be a playoff for the last spot.
Next week has two state pro tournaments, one being held at Avon Park and the other at Clearwater.
Hope to see you all at one of these.

Reported by Allen Dronsfield 3/10/18

GREAT REPORT ALLEN!!!  Stan 2018 03 11.

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