2018 CAN-AM a Great Success!! By Erik Hahmann.

Mary, Kerry and Erik

Erik Hahmann Speaks: The St. Petersburg Shuffleboard Club’s annual Can-Am tournament finished Sunday and St. Pete’s own Kerry Bailey took the crown. This year’s event brought out 116 players from the US and Canada, which included a good contingent from the Royal Palms in Brooklyn, with the top spot taking home over $300. Kerry defeated fellow St. Pete member Tim Daly in the US finals and took on Paul Papineu of Canada for the overall title. Paul narrowly won the first game and Kerry handily won the second, forcing a deciding third game. Kerry jumped out to an early 18 point lead and extended it to 30 before Paul pulled off a 25 point 8th frame to close the gap. Kerry found herself down two points in the tenth and final frame, and worse yet, without the hammer. She managed to score 15 to Paul’s 7 to win the championship. Kerry has only been playing competitively for two years and has shown herself to quite the player. Everyone from the St. Pete club couldn’t be prouder. Erik Hahmann


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1 Response to 2018 CAN-AM a Great Success!! By Erik Hahmann.

  1. Myrna Bilton says:

    “Congratulations” Kerry…
    Happy Shuffling


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