Lee County Shuffleboard Club Will Host The FSA Masters!!

Lee County Shuffleboard Club News

As the 2017-18 shuffleboard season draws to a close, Lee County Shuffleboard Club is busy getting ready to host the 2018 Masters Tournament on March 22-24. We are all excited to have the year’s best shufflers here and hope many people turn out to watch them play.

The February LCSC club tournament had the following shufflers coming out on top:
Main: 1st Randy Coleman and Pierre Marcotte,
2nd John Holder and Carol Healey
3rd Ray Hammond and Roy Babcock
4th Ivan Lam and Jim Goodrich
Consolation: 1st Bill Galbraith and Marietta Cobb
2nd Dennis Cervi and Dick Widdis
3rd John Jefferson and Jack Norton
4th Donna Blom and Muriel Burnett
New LCSC Board members were elected at the general meeting on March 3rd. Officers for the 2018-19 season are:
President: John Holder
First Vice President: Open
Second Vice President: Dick Widdis
Secretary: John Eck
Treasurer: Rita Wilson
Director (Daily Play) John Klinger (Oct. 1 – Mar 31)
Director (Maintenance) Chuck Wilson
Director (Concessions): Lenore Holder
Director (Membership): Marlene Eck
The long-awaited repainting of the LCSC courts is due to start this April. The courts will be closed starting April 1st until the painting is done. A notice will be posted when the courts are again available for daily play.

Sent along by Marlene Eck with THANKS!!!  2018 03 12

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