Insightful OnSite Reporting of the Central District “Masters” by Happy Reporter Jerry Deren!!

Our Onsite Reporter, Jerry Deren

On Thur. March 15,2018 ~ 8 A.M @ the ZEPHYRHILLS shuffleboard club hosted the 2018 edition of the Reiny shuffleboard tournament.  One could say the weather was not consistent with what we have grown to expect from the Weatherman???  It was a balmy 39 degrees outside but 68 degrees inside.

Earl Ball got the ball rolling with the group picture taking. After the picture taking event, the following people spoke: the mayor of Zephyrhills, Doug Stockman, CD President; John Houghtaling, CD 3rd VP; Henry Strong, Host President; and David Earle(tournament director).  Thank You David. 

The Reiny tournament is composed of the top 8 players in points in the FL. Central district draw tournaments. Forty Eight players are participating , i.e, 8 men & 8 women from the District Ams, State Ams & Pros. Women play the women & men play the men. The format is 8 matches composed of 2 twelve frame games. Wins & points determines the winners in the District Am & State  Am divisions , while wins determines the winners in the pro division.

The matches started off at a little after 9 A.M.. The District Ams and State Ams were going for wins & points so their was a lot of board playing while the pros were going for wins so  the matches were more of a defensive game. Their were a lot of close matches because of the parirty of the players . Some of the chatter after the matches was: “If only I made that last hammer”!!  or “Them darn wide white lines”!! OR “Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.”

Play continues Fri. & Sat.  Jerry Deren reporting for CD AND The Shuffler!! The World Needs More Jerry Derens!!!!!!  Stan; 2018 03 16. 

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