Linda Rebholz Reports on a very special tournament for the Central East Coast.

Fort Pierce host Medalist

Michelle Kubitscheck
City of Ft. Pierce, Facility/Program Specialist

Linda Rebholz Speaks: I have written a lot about the Fort Pierce shuffleboard courts and how people from other parts of the state love to come to our beautiful location. I want to thank the staff of the Riverwalk Center. Michelle Kubitscheck, City of Ft Pierce Facility/Program Specialist and Joyce Kobbe are the “angels” who look after us. They let us into the center early mornings of our tournaments so that we can make coffee and set up for our opening ceremony. They graciously see that our players have a place to eat lunch out of the cold and rain. We have made them honorary members of the Ft. Pierce Shuffleboard Club and hope that eventually we can see them on the courts with a cue!!

The Medalist was held on these courts on Thursday and Friday.

This is a M/L non-walking singles tournament and the winners go home with a coveted medal.

Cons. Winners
Wick ham Park ladies
1st place-Belinda Jones
2nd place-Sheila Winkelspecht
3rd place-Jane Plumpton

In the MENs
Tom Winkelspecht-1st Place
Glynn Williams-2nd Place

In the Ladies Main, Dotty Koert won first place and Mary Agness won second. Both ladies are good players and have been traveling to a few state tournaments. They played together at Avon Park and placed 1st in Consolation. Dotty also place in the Mixed at Lee County a few weeks ago.

In the Men’s Main, Tom Winkelspecht won first place and Glynn Williams won second. These names are very familiar in our district. Tom is an athlete and serious player who wants to do more traveling for state tournaments.
The Wickham Park ladies took all three top spots in Consolation. New player, Belinda Jones, an amateur won first, Sheila Winkelspecht, wife of Tom, took second with Jane Plumpton in 3rd Place.
In Men’s Consolation, Bill Perry of Vero Beach won first place with amateur Lionel Hickey of Woodbridge taking second. We hope to see more of Lionel and our other amateurs in the future.
Congratulations to all the winners. The entire results may be viewed on the Central East Coast District website.

Linda Rebholz, reporting for Central East Coast District.  2018 03 16

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