President Tom Clayton of Avon Park Reports: FSA State Tournament P24B

FSA State Tournament P24B held at Avon Park

Avon Park Senior Activities Center (APSAC) welcomed 102 Ladies & Gentlemen Shufflers to State Tournament P24B on March 12th and 13th. We were honored to host 66 Gentlemen and 36 Ladies at our historic Donaldson Park facility on Lake Verona located in Avon Park, Florida, “The City of Charm.”
The large turnout was a fitting finale to a great season for us here at our Avon Park Club. We deeply appreciated the multitude of compliments regarding our friendly atmosphere, the many recent improvements and upgrades to our 82 year old facility and the tireless effort and spirit of our swelling membership.
We are very grateful that we can report a 74% increase in membership this year and we would like to invite you, personally, to join us and support us in the momentum we have going. Our membership is open to all persons of Good Character and is $20 per annum. You are welcome to join us in our efforts to increase participation in this great sport that we all love and feel the satisfaction of “Paying Forward” in something that you enjoy.
(Avon Park Senior Activities Center, 109 E. Main St., Avon Park, FL 33825)
Our Club Members who contribute countless hours of preparation are delighted to be able to help in some small way to make all the dreams of our guests come true. Special Thanks to: Larry & Gale Harvey, Al Emmendorfer, Gary & Nancy Sorko, Keith Morton, Jim Allard, Ethelene Nash, Arland & Sharon Berlew, Joe Castiglia, Dan Faur, David & Marie Birchfield, Dick Davis, John Bushee, Don Rood, Don & Joan Brisbane, Gene & Maureen Tomlinson, Hamp Hardy, Joan Mondry, Imee Clayton, Karen Teague, Fred & Carol Swartz and all the other members who make this all possible.
We would also like to give a Special Thank You to George Adyns, TD, for his direction and overseeing of the event and his help in running a very smooth and efficient tournament.
We hope to see all of you next season when we host The Davis Memorial Tournament, The Juanita Harlow Memorial Tournament, The Ralph Day Memorial Tournament, the FSA State & District Tournaments and our Mingle/Single Tournaments.
Again, Thanks to all who make this all possible!
– Tom Clayton. President of Avon Park Senior Activities Center (APSAC). 

Stan Speaks: In general terms, pix are presented left to right, with 1st place on left. Click on pic to expand.  If a name escapes you, go to the link below. I believe Tom DID A GREAT JOB!!  Avon Park is MOVING FORWARD!!!



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