Interesting Items of Interest!! 3 Ladies and Reiny Participants, north of the 49th!!

The two well dressed “girls” on the left, are celebrating their induction into the FSA HOF!!  The equally well dressed girl on the right is also celebrating “Entrance Into the FSA HOF”, save and except she could not be present at the formal ceremony!!  The “3 Girls” have been close friends since they began  shuffling, way back when”;  time to share with you their names. Top left we have Glenna Earle and Linda Marshman; lower right we have Nancy Sclafani.  Quite an achievement right?? Set out with a common objective; achieve the objective in unison!!  BUT THAT IS NOT THE ONLY INTERESTING FACT!!  At or about the same time, each of “the well dressed girls” earned their way into their respective “District Hall of Fame”. Go here to view and read about Nancy’s induction:  AND go here to read about Linda’s and Glenna’s.  


16 “Canucks” make it to the Reiny CD Masters!!

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