OMG Another Errror???? On the Good Side, Another Family to Compliment!!

Glenna Earle Speaks: Just read the invitation to everyone to participate in the Lakeland T, your latest publication. You are indeed very busy. Must be too wintry to be out and about is it?

Dean and Nancy may get to play the State Masters which would be very exciting.
FYI- David and I actually played in 2 Masters events.
One was in Sebring in 2012, my first time as alternate and got to play the last day. David won it that year and I qualified for the white jacket.
The other was at Palmetto, 2013, where we both qualified in the top 8 and played the State Masters.
Sometimes people further down the list get to play when someone in the top 8 chooses not to play. Both David and I have vacated our spots to others several times since the Masters if often too late in the season for us and we must return to Canada. Henry Strong has had to skip the Masters for that reason almost every year.

So Dean and Nancy might be the 2nd couple to qualify.  ((Stan: Or even the third??))
Glenna Earle.  2018 03 17  Stan Speaks: HEADS UP TO DAVID AND GLENNA!!  If there is anyone else out there who knows of someone else I have overlooked, for goodness sake, let me know.  Stan 2018 03 17

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3 Responses to OMG Another Errror???? On the Good Side, Another Family to Compliment!!

  1. Earl Ball says:

    2007 at Lakeland. Pat & Dick Whitiker. I’m sure there we some earlier in history because Harriet Smith was Married to several top shufflers. Mae Hall and her husband were top 8 players as was Webster & Janet Smith. Probably others too.


  2. Brian Harvey says:

    Marg and Brian need to get in touch with our old friends Glenna and Dave from Goose Bay. you see this message please inform them that we are anxious to catch up with them.Thks
    Brian and Marg Harvey


  3. Pat Batdorff says:

    Thanks Earl for your comment. Actually Dick and I played in three Masters together. I am sure there are more couples that have played in the Masters together. I believe Bob and Adele Pearson were one of those couples.


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