Results are Significant, BUT, it is this type of reporting that our Readers Truly ENJOY!!

Glenna Earle Speaks: The end of a 3-day very exciting event in Zephyrhills came off without a hitch today.
With many shufflers and guests, as well as watchers in the stands, the 2018 curtain falls on another CD Reiny/Masters tournament.

ZSC never looked so good. The club was well prepared for the event.
To begin the day, the invocation was delivered by Ron Ferry, followed by some welcoming comments by the city Mayor, Gene Whitfield, then ZSC President Henry Strong welcomed everyone. Next came CD President Doug Stockman with good wishes for a great tournament, and then TD David Earle took over to address instructions about the playing format and procedure. Finally the games were underway!!!!

Some of the matches were real”nail biters” like the last one played by Pauline Murphy and Glenda Brake, which went into overtime. They came into the final day with Pauline having 9 games and Glenda 8. They were to play each other for the final match today and Glenda won the first game tying them at 9 games. In the final game, they tied again after 12 frames and had to play 2 more to break the tie. Pauline had the first hammer and made an 8. Then the next hammer was Glenda’s and unfortunately she hit a line. Most all the other games had been completed at that point so the audience was focused on these 2 ladies. What excitement! When it finished Pauline was the winner but the crowd gave them both a huge ovation!

The 3 day tournament was rather chilly each AM but soon warmed up with the never-ending hot coffee. There were donuts, green frosted cupcakes, muffins etc to start each day off right!
Players played well throughout the event and a lot of new and old friendships were created or recreated. Lots of laughter and cheerful bantering could be heard among the groups.

Our fabulous meals were planned and carried out under the leadership of Buddy and Joanne Allen together with many capable hands to help. The food was excellent but I think the final day was outstanding! They served delicious pulled pork sandwiches with cole slaw, pasta salad, chips and a drink. And for dessert they made us the most wonderful fresh strawberry shortcakes with local Plant City berries. Probably nobody went home feeling hungry.

Trophies and plaques were handed out by president Henry Strong with help from the organizing committee led by John Houghtaling.
May we “tip our hat” to all those who made these games possible and congratulations to all the players. You are all winners!!!
Submitted by Glenna Earle.

Stan Speaks: And may we, the larger we, “tip our hats” to Glenna and David Earle for the ongoing work they do in support of SHUFFLEBOARD!!!  It was Glenna who took most of the pix!!! It was Glenna who wrote this great narrative of the event!! AND, KUDOS to David who directed the Tournament, the 3 Day CD Reiny District Masters!!  Thanks to a Great Couple.  2018 03 17.  

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