Results of the FSA 10 Day Notices Have Now Been Published!!

As FL Shufflers are well aware, there is a standard method to approve a Rule Change.  It is a 10 DAY NOTICE.  18 10 DAY NOTICES were voted on to-day, 2018 03 17, by the FSA STATE BOARD.

Keeping with the spirit of democracy, Districts had discussed, and in most cases, voted on these same NOTICES.  The District President and State Delegate were expected to represent the District vote at the State Meeting Vote.

Only 3 of the 18 “notices” were approved.  To view the complete roster of “notices”, the rationale for the “notice”, and whether or not “notice” was accepted or rejected, go here:  You may print off the notices should you desire to do so.

Vote brought to my attention by State TD Glenn Monroe.  2018 03 17.  Stan McCormack.


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