John Brown’s Newspaper Report. 2018 03 20

President Dave Kudro presided over the Spring State Meeting Saturday, March 17 with aplomb. Of 15 10-day notices, only three received majority support.
. Due to split tournaments resulting in occasional small turnouts, most often on the East Coast, one notice suggested application of a long-sought correction, “no win, no points”. For example, if only 7 teams register, points recently were earned by someone who never won a match. Now, no points can be earned without a win.
. Bunching of the byes, tested in Districts this season, was approved for state tournaments as a way to lessen waiting to play. This should make tournament play more attractive to people who hate to wait.
. The third notice approved was to allow Board voting members to voter for 0, 1, or 2 candidates for Special Award in the Florida Hall of Fame elections, held on alternate years. The one vote limitation often left no election for lack of a majority.
President Kudro has wide support for a goal of seeking more participants in Amateur Tournaments. Suggestions are welcome. One step taken in the Southern District has been two “newbie” tournaments, one in the northern part of the District and one in the southern part. We all realize that the Districts provide the players for the popular State Competitions, but the feeder system for new Amateur players is the various Clubs within the Districts. All are welcomed to join the fun.
FL P-24A at Clearwater March 12, M/L Doubles, 75 points. Ladies Main: 2. Pam Nurnberger-Joyce Marquis. Consolation: 1. Marlene Coburn-Terri Smith. Men Consolation: 2. Bob Kendall-Bob Comford.
FL P-24B at Avon Park, March 12, M/L Doubles, 75 points. Ladies Main: 1. Flo Kowalewski and partner. Men Consolation: 1. Jim Miller-Dave Kudro.
No District winners at State Tournaments for Amateurs this week. Southwest Coast District Schedule complete, except for the Masters.
Today is the second day of FL P-25, March 19 at Lakeland, M/L Doubles, 75 pts. Wednesday March 21-24, SWCD Masters. District Amateurs, State Amateurs, and Pros, all at Golf Lakes.
Next Monday, March 16, FL P-25 at Sebring, Tournament of Champions, Singles, M/L, W, N-W. Lunch Available. Must Qualify. Tournament of Champions, held for years at Clearwater, has moved to Sebring for a test to determine if a more central location attracts more players. T.O.C. All Pros only, having placed at least once this year in the Upper Division, in Consolation, 1st,2nd,or3rd. Or Placed in the Main Event in Upper Division gives 2 years of eligibility, Or placing 1st in the Upper Division gives lifetime eligibility.
. The Capstone of the season has long been the Masters. The top 8 players of each group compete for top honors this season at Golf Lakes. Spectators are welcome to the grandstands. Bring your own lunch. Presentation of winners at the completion of Masters on Saturday. Players expected to compete are: District Amateur Ladies: Marilyn Rotman, Elaine Antaya, Mary Fowler, Rita Marderosian, Ursula Joyal, Cheri Wargo and Martha Kaufman. Men: Tony Sousa, Donald Trottier, Patrict Antaya, Cau Huynh, Mike Collins, John Hoeksema, Maurice Joyal and Dale Overzet. State Amateur Ladies: Kathy Laver, Kay Lynn Duncan, Janice O’Sullivan, Dian Darrah, Sandra Kolasinski, Lydia Yoder. Men: Jim Lessard, Rick Hall, Frank Marderosian, Jim Clark, Bill Bierema, Larry Fowler, Don Sprague and Dave Evenson. Pro Ladies: Arlene McCague, Pam Nurnberger, Terri Smith, Shirley McCullough, Cheryl Putnam, Marlene Coburn, Pat Tomko, Lois Wegner and Evelyn White – Alternate. Men: Jim Miller, Ralph Lozano, Grant Childerhose, Ron Nurnberger, Dwayne Cross, Arnie Congdon, Faren Van De Grift, Bob Kendal and Larry Taylor – Alternate.
. Saturday, March 10-11, Annual Can-Am Amateur Singles. Patrick Antaya placed 3rd in Main. Rick Hall placed 1st Consolation. Also playing from SWCD were Cheri Wargo and Elaine Antaya.
Happy Shuffling

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