TOC: Earl Ball Gives His Assessment Regarding Possible Changes!!


Well it’s that time of year!

Most everyone has been saying for years that the Tournament of Champions should be in the center of the State; now we’ll see if we have more participation.

This is the last chance for players to make a move to qualify for the “Masters”. I don’t expect much change in the Men’s division. I expect everyone who has qualified, will play. Maybe one won’t which would give Steve Raimondi a chance to earn his “White Jacket”. Rosier Cote is next behind Steve and I don’t see that changing.

The Women’s Division is the real story. At least one and maybe as many as three of the top eight won’t play. The 8th position is still up for grab with Debbie Norton currently in 8th with35 points. The fight then stacks up like this; 9th Katy Walker with 34 points followed by Pauline Murphy another point back at 33 and I really expect these two positions to play the “Masters”. Next at 30 points is Nancy Myklejord; she needs to have a very good tournament and hope those ahead of her lose out. Glenda Brake and Joyce Smith must win the tournament to have a chance.
I’m sure it’s no secret that I would like to see Pauline make the field. She’s a 1st year Pro that won the Central District “Masters” and would be the 1st player, man or women, to make the “Masters” as a 1st year Pro in a long time. I also have a personal investment in her having spent time helping her understand the advanced strategy of the game.

Earl Ball. 2018 03 24.  Stan Speaks: You may wish to go to this link to check the current points for the ladies mentioned by Earl:

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