The Shuffleboard Capital of ON!! COLDWATER!!

Past Presidents Gary Pipher on left; George O’Reilly on right. 

The Coldwater Shuffleboard Club was recently awarded the prestigious title of being the Shuffleboard Capital of Ontario by the Ontario Shuffleboard Association President Rendal Bilton of Wellington Center. A sign was erected at each entrance into the Village by the Shuffleboard Club to welcome visitors to Coldwater and announce Coldwater as the Shuffleboard capital of Ontario. Coldwater has been the hotbed for shuffleboard activity since its founding in 2006 by the Pipher brothers, Ross and Gary along with their wives Barbara and Grace. Starting a shuffleboard Club required the dedication and financial support of these individuals who purchased used equipment and brought it home from Florida to start the new Club. The Coldwater Curling Arena made an ideal location to play shuffleboard during the summer months from May to September since the building was just sitting idle until another season of Curling began in November. With the help and persistence of Dr. Evans Stone and his wife Debbie , an arrangement was reached to rent the Curling arena to the Shuffleboard club at a low cost, primarily to have the building in use during those idle summer months. Permission was given to the Shuffleboard Club to paint the 16 court lines on the concrete floor. The Lions Club also came to the rescue that year with a generous donation that allowed the newly formed Shuffleboard Club to pay their rent and have a few dollars left over to purchase more of the required supplies. The following year the Club applied to the Ontario Trillium Foundation and were successful in receiving a grant that allowed the Club to purchase new equipment such as scoreboards , cues and shuffleboard discs for each of the 16 courts. The purpose of having 16 courts is to allow proper formatting for sanctioned tournaments by both the Ontario Shuffleboard Association and the Canadian National Shuffleboard Association.
The Coldwater Club grew rapidly over the next few years and membership of 172 players was soon reached and has continued to be very popular with area residents both summer and winter. During the summer months members can play at the Curling Arena on Tue and Thursdays starting at 1:00 pm until 4:00 and during the winter months they play each Tuesday in the auditorium of the Municipal Arena starting at 9:00 am until 3:30pm. Fellowship is extremely important to the success of the Club and after the games the players always gather for coffee and treats , have a few laughs and discuss the happenings of the day. The Coldwater Shuffleboard Club hosted the Inaugural Inter Provincial Shuffleboard Tournament in 2008 and men’s and ladies teams from: Alberta, Saskatchewan, Quebec, New Brunswick , Nova Scotia and Ontario participated in this biennial tournament. The Tournament is held in a different Province every two years and has grown to be one of the most popular tournaments in all of Canada , and will be once again be hosted by the Coldwater Shuffleboard Club in 2019. This Inter Provincial tournament draws players and their families into Coldwater for a week long competition and fellowship Coldwater also plays host each year to a 4 day Canadian National mixed doubles tournament or an Ontario Shuffleboard
mixed doubles tournaments which draw players from across Ontario , Quebec , the Maritimes and the USA. The popularity of shuffleboard in Coldwater appears to be a well kept secret , possibly because its perceived as a game for “seniors only “ but this is so far from correct. The club welcomes players of all ages, but there is no doubt that because of the time of day it’s played it does make it more difficult for those people who are not retired or school age children to take part. Coldwater is probably the only Shuffleboard Club in Canada that offers Shuffleboard for the special needs individuals, and a group of 16 or more take part in the game each Tue . Carol Archer is the Coldwater Clubs first Lady President and succeeds the immediate past president George O’Reilly and Gary Pipher. The club continues to be very popular both winter and summer and we look forward to the guidance of our new president Carol Archer. IMPROVE YOUR MENTAL HEALTH & YOUR PHYSICAL WELL-BEING!! TAKE UP SHUFFLING!! YOU WILL BE GLAD YOU DID!! There is strong evidence that by making and maintaining social contacts, not only do you experience enjoyment, there is every indication that you will live a healthier and longer life!! Floor Shuffleboard, available in our community, offers citizens the ideal opportunity to expand our circle of friends while either learning a new game or keeping those “shuffling skills” alive and well pending your return to your winter residence. During the months of May through September, on every Tue and Thur beginning at 1:00 o-clock in the Coldwater and District Curling Arena , the Coldwater Shuffleboard Club takes to the Courts painted on the surface of the Arena floor. While competition is evident, it very soon becomes apparent that there is a strong and healthy social aspect to shuffling.

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  1. Myrna Bilton says:

    Excellent Article….
    The Coldwater Shuffleboard Club will always be “Special” to us.
    Rendall & Myrna


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