Did You Know by Kenny Offenther and Stan McCormack


Kenny Offenther Speaks:  DID YOU KNOW that in 1935 the first book on shuffleboard was written by a man named Donavan. The title of the book was: “How to play the game of shuffleboard.” It was not widely distributed and quickly faded into obscurity.
DID YOU KNOW that In 1960, an astonishing 460 players showed up for a state tourney at trailer estates , THEY MAY STILL BE PLAYING !!!!

Stan Speaks: DID YOU KNOW that in the 60s, Stan and Lois were “serving” (Stan was “serving” in the Canadian Air Force; Lois was raising our kids.)

LET’S TWIST: At the beginning of the Twist Era we had an RCMP corporal demonstrate to the Club membership how it was to be done. You see, he had just returned from The Peppermint Lounge in New York where the Twist was born. It may have been born in New York, but we gave it life in Cold Lake, AB. Here is the Did You Know?  Stan and Lois were certified the Twist Champions” of the  entire base; in excess of 3,000 Air Force Personnel.  

Stan and Lois.  (As many of you know, Stan and Lois, NOW, in 2018, do well to turn around, let alone  twist!!!!) LIFE IS GOOD > ESPECIALLY WHEN I REALIZE HOW FORTUNATE WE REALLY ARE!! How fortunate to look back at these good times?

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1 Response to Did You Know by Kenny Offenther and Stan McCormack

  1. stan bober says:

    Thanks Ken. Great news stories!


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