The event begins April 2nd through the morning of the 5th at Hawthorne in Leesburg Florida

I would first like to recognize 3 of the top 8 Ladies who will not play in this years Masters.
Dianna Allen 55 points Ruth Brown 46 points and Arlene Guerrini 36 points.
I know Dianna had played in every Masters since 2010. Ruth Brown and Arlene Guerrini too have been in the Masters, as well as Gold medal recipients in the Roll of Champions many times. These three Hall of Fame Ladies will be surely missed.

Female Competitors 2018 Masters
1. Pam Nurnberger 75 points
2. Helen Biaggi 46 points
3. Terri Smith. 38 points
4. Alice Enos. 37 points
5. Deb Norton. 37 points
6. Katy Walker 34 points
7. Pauline Murphy 33 points
8. Nancy Myklejord 32 points
Alternate Joyce Smith

I now give you an overview by FSA President and Masters competitor,
Masters 2018 Ladies; Analysis by Dave Kudro .
Looking at this year’s field of very talented Ladies, I see a great mixture and diversity of seasoned and newer players. I believe the Ladies will be even more interesting to watch than the men. Well let’s start at the top.

Pam Nurnberger: Pam earned her coveted White Masters Jacket in 2015 and this will be Pam’s fourth consecutive trip to the Masters. I like watching Pam play. She has great fundamental skills and can play with the best of them. Great clearing and smooth stroke to make that hammer shot. Last year I gave Pam advice to be confident in her shot selection and take that shot that could change the scope of the game. This year her confidence shined though as Pam had a fantastic year finishing 1st in the Roll of Champions with 75 points. Pam is aggressive and confident in her true ability that had taken her to the next level. After finishing 2nd last year, and the year she has had, Pam could definitely win the Masters Championship.

Helen Biaggi: Helen has qualified for the Masters the last seven consecutive years. Helen has played with and against all the top Ladies in the FSA. All the Lady shufflers know when they play Helen they must bring their A game and not make mistakes. Helen has the experience and the talent to give her a chance to win the Masters

Terri Smith: Terri made a late mad dash this season to finish 5th in the Roll of Champions and qualify for the Masters. Terri was not only last year’s 2017 Masters Champion but also the 2016 Masters Champion. Terri will be trying for a “Three-Peat” this year. Winning a Masters Championship is tough but repeating that achievement three times in a row is even tougher. The only Lady Masters Champion to win 3 years in a row has been Judy Taylor also from Bradenton. Terri has a great attitude win or lose and has the proven ability to win the Masters Championship again this year.

Alice Enos: This will be Alice’s’ second trip to the Masters. Alice worked hard to achieve enough points to earn her a spot in the Masters. One might look at Alice as an easy target as this is her second Masters because of her quite demeanour. To that, if that is what you are thinking, you are SO wrong. Even though Alice is quiet and this is only her second masters, did you know she won the 2015 Tournament of Champions and the previous years International Shuffleboard Association (ISA) world singles? It doesn’t get much bigger than that playing in front of people from all over the world. So, in short, Alice could be one to possibly win or be a spoiler to those who take her lightly.

Deb Norton: Deb has really come on strong the last two years. The Southern District sure knows who Deb is! Last year Deb won the Southern District 2017 Ladies Masters. This is the first year I’ve seen Deb going out of town often and playing the pro circuit. If Deb was testing the water to see if she would sink or swim, I can honestly say she not only could swim, she also floated into a tie for 6th place in the State. This is Deb’ s first FSA State Masters and will be awarded the coveted White Masters Jacket.

Katy Walker: Katy really played strong all year and was right in the thick of things all year long. Katy like Deb Norton was present at several tournaments this year and did very well. Katy used to shuffle in the Central District but recently moved to the Northern District. This will be interesting to see if Katy takes advantage of having the “Home Court” advatage being she resides in Hawthorne. This is Katy’s first FSA State Masters and will be awarded the coveted White Masters Jacket.

Pauline Murphy: I have a nickname for Pauline “Flash” . Why you ask? Pauline in a flash went from Instant Pro to a first year Pro finding herself in the coveted FSA Masters. Pauline is from the Central District, making it tougher as their tournaments always have a great turnout of Ladies teams. This is Pauline’s first FSA State Masters and will be awarded the coveted White Masters Jacket.

Nancy Myklejord: Nancy is also from the Central District. Nancy fairly recently had a change in her last name. I truly don’t think the name change really was the reason she is in the Masters. Nancy now playing more on the Pro circuit has made a name for herself! . Nancy has been a real steady shuffler all season, usually in the thick of things at the tournaments end. This is Nancy’s first FSA State Masters and will be awarded the coveted White Masters Jacket.

Joyce Smith: Joyce is this years alternate. Joyce played in the Masters last year. Joyce is such a great Ambassador of Shuffleboard. Whether it’s working in the FSA, National Shuffleboard Association or the International Shuffleboard Association, Joyce has always given 110% to its players and officers.

This will be a great competition this year in the Ladies division and I believe more interesting play than the men. I just have to remember I too am a player and keep my focus on my play rather than the temptation to watch the Ladies. So with that final thought, do consider coming out to support these fine Lady shufflers and see the talent that will make for some interesting matches and exciting finishes.

Dave Kudro
Masters Player and FSA President

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2 Responses to 2018 FSA MASTERS: WE GIVE YOU THE LADIES COMPETITORS by President Dave Kudro

  1. Virginia Chandler says:

    Congratulations to all and thank you Dave for the worthy introduction to each player ! They are all excellent players with great characteristics ! Our best wishes to all !
    Jim & Ginny Chandler


  2. stanistheman says:

    As always Virginia, gracious comment. Stan


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