Breaking News!! Ron Nurnberger Reports!!

1st Place Finisher, Pam Nurnberger.

A Super Excited Husband!!

Ron Nurnberger reports that wife Pam, as of the end of play to-day, has such a lead (4 games) that she CANNOT finish the 58th FSA Masters in any position EXCEPT 1st Place!!!!  Hats off to a GREAT SHUFFLER!!  

FSA President Dave Kudro said this in his overview of the Ladies.   Pam Nurnberger: Pam earned her coveted White Masters Jacket in 2015 and this will be Pam’s fourth consecutive trip to the Masters. I like watching Pam play. She has great fundamental skills and can play with the best of them. Great clearing and smooth stroke to make that hammer shot. Last year I gave Pam advice to be confident in her shot selection and take that shot that could change the scope of the game. This year her confidence shined though as Pam had a fantastic year finishing 1st in the Roll of Champions with 75 points. Pam is aggressive and confident in her true ability that had taken her to the next level. After finishing 2nd last year, and the year she has had, Pam could definitely win the Masters Championship.

Pam had a strong season, finishing with 75 points.

Stan McCormack, 2018 04 04 16:30

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