58th FSA Masters >> Final Results!! Sent along by Glenn Monroe

We give you the Ladies first: R7L  AND now the Men: R7M

Congratulations to each and every participant!! Thanks to Glenn for sending along the Results on a timely basis.  I am disappointed at the lack of pix????  Presentations as an example.

I remain hopeful that we will have a few narratives describing various aspects of the event??  Stan McCormack. 2018 04 05.


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2 Responses to 58th FSA Masters >> Final Results!! Sent along by Glenn Monroe

  1. stan bober says:

    I sincerely congratulate the entire top 16 ladies and men that qualified for this year’s Masters. Allen & Pam especially for be this years Master’s Champions!
    There is another player that showed he has the heart of gold and proved it by bowing out and allowing “alternate Steve Raimondi” to play the last game and earn his well deserved Master’s jacket. That wonderful human being is none other than Earl Ball! Earl put shuffleboard aside and considered the human side of the game. Kudo’s to Earl. My heart goes out to you for being a kind, considerate human being, shuffleboard aside!
    West Coast Webmaster


  2. Congratulations Pam and Allen.


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