5 Distinguished Shufflers are Awarded Their “Badge of Honor”!!

Katy Walker

Debbie Norton

Nancy Myklejord

Pauline Murphy

Steve Raimondi

Jim Allen Shares His Thoughts:  I believe the concept of the White Jacket embodies everything about the sport of shuffleboard.

While most awards go to one person annually, this award recognizes the first time a person has qualified for the Masters – it is an accomplishment achieved over the course of an entire season. In reality, it is an accomplishment that started long before, as that person learned shuffleboard, went through the amateur ranks, league play, became pro and then reached the pinnacle — the Top 8 over the course of a pro season. It is a badge of honor and those that have played the sport for years recognize what this achievement encompasses. I have to admit, when I make the presentation each year it is quite an honor to see the look in their eye as they put the jacket on and wear it proudly, knowing it is not only an accomplishment that involved their entire shuffleboard career to this point, but forever they are labelled as a player who earned the White Jacket.
Well done all those that have earned this badge of honor!
Jim Allen.

The top 8 players in both the Men’s and Ladies Divisions, based on the number of wins in State Tournaments for the season, compete in what is known as the FSA Masters. Those competing for the very first time are presented a White Jacket by Jim Allen or his representative. Jim believes the tradition of the WHITE JACKET began in 1994, a tradition which has continued every year since.

Click on any pic to expand.  Pix provided by Colleen Austin, with THANKS!!

Posted by Stan McCormack, 2018 04 06.

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2 Responses to 5 Distinguished Shufflers are Awarded Their “Badge of Honor”!!

  1. Thomas Gionet President St Cloud Shuffleboard Club says:

    Congrats to all the players

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Glenna says:

    Congratulations to all!!! You look fabulous in your gorgeous coveted white jackets. It is indeed, an honour to have qualified to wear one. Well done everyone!

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