Shuffle brings shuffleboard to the streets of Tampa Heights in FL

The newest hot spot in Tampa Heights is certainly is not lost in the shuffle of the revitalization of the neighborhood. The new bar, restaurant, shuffleboard combination named “Shuffle” is the latest venture in this blossoming community.
“We started playing at St. Pete Shuffleboard, which has over 500 members and thought we’d have a good time doing it here in Tampa,” explained co-owner Jennifer Montgomery.
Shuffleboard has long been associated with an older generation and is often played near beaches, but Shuffle brings this old-school game to the streets of Tampa.
“We have a lot of emotional ties to Tampa Heights, love this neighborhood and wanted to see something done with this building,” said Montgomery.
Her partner Danielle O’Connor says people love the throwback fun. “A lot of people come in and say they haven’t played in years, so they’re a little nervous.”
Here’s a refresher on the rules:
The stick used in the game is called a “tang.” The discs that slide across the court are called “biscuits.”
Push a biscuit across the court into the scoring diagram. Land in one of the spots and get that many points, 10, 8 or 7. If your biscuit is touching any line, you get no points. Finally, if the biscuit stops inside the “kitchen” which are the bottom two spaces on the diagram, you lose 10 points.
While the “kitchen” may be a bad thing in the game, the kitchen at Shuffle is definitely a good thing.
Jen Greif, the chef describes the menu as upscale comfort bar food. “Truffle tater tots, a vegan arugula salad with roasted beets, Frito chili pie,” she listed.
She even created a Tang-flavored cheesecake to pay homage to the tangs used in the game.
Shuffle is divided into two parts with a wall that includes a large opening. The restaurant and bar area is cozy with artwork from local metal workers. The architect, Patrick Thorpe, worked to use the building to help attract business and revitalize the area.
“The opportunity we took with this garage door behind us to really open up to the street and let the activity pour out,” he explained.
It’s $10 for an hour on the shuffleboard courts, and you may want to stop in on Sundays when they serve Tang mimosas.


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