LOOK BACK: We Tell You Just A Little about Joe and Arabella Casias.

Remember Joe and Arabella Casias???

My first memory of Joe and Arabella goes back to the 24th ISA Tournament in NITEROI, Rio de Janeiro Brazil in September of 2005. Joe became the Captain of the United Nations Team and Arabella became a Referee for the event.

All Travellers experienced a very long day on their way to Brazil.  We needed nourishment, and nourishment was available upon arrival at our Hotel. Just a great lunch in an enjoyable setting. Following lunch, and following a shower, many adjourned to the patio where we sampled some great local brew!! Dinner, keeping with Brazilian custom, began at 19:00. The dinner was of course, far more than partaking of food!! It was the first occasion where all the players gathered at the same location at the same time. The conversation never ended; there was no end of great food; and try as we might, we could not seem to diminish the supply of “suds”!! Michael ended with a prayer, a prayer with a good deal of humility and humour!!

Michael then introduced our translators, about 7 attractive young women and 1 young man. The translators will be with us throughout the tournament, and for their work, they will receive a credit to assist in their academic studies.
All in all, a great start; everyone was in high spirits, looking forward to the coming week. While I cannot speak for all, I was very tired, ready to “hit the pit” early, circa 22:00, and never woke until the alarm went off at 06:30. Someone told me that a “friendly rooster”, adjacent to our hotel, began crowing at 04:30!!
Stan McCormack from Rio de Janeiro Reporting for THE SHUFFLER: 2005 09 17.

Posted Friday, 2018 04 13.  SHUFFLERS, that is 13 years ago!!!! Stan McCormack.


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