IN SEARCH OF A SPONSOR by Earl Ball. Writing in 2006


If you are reading this and know of someone who just may be interested, please send this file along to them!!  From: Earl Ball, writing in 2006.


The INTERNATIONALS are held each year. They started in the United States in 1981 at Muskegon, Michigan followed by Laguna Hills, CA; St Pete, FL; Mesa, AZ; Ocean City, NJ; San Benito, TX; Hemet, CA; Yokohama, Japan; Clearwater, Fl; Lindsay, ON; Mesa, AZ; Clearwater, Fl; Las Vegas, NV; Edmonton, AB; Lakeside, OH; Laguna Hills, CA; Hendersonville, NC; Goderich, ON; Yokohama, Japan; Hemet, CA; Gold Coast, Australia; Clearwater, Fl; Mesa, AZ; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and this August, 2006, at Lakeside, Ohio. Shuffleboard is played at each of these sites as an on going activity. The International & US National Halls of Fame are located in Clearwater. The preceding may give you a better understanding of the accomplishment of my going 11-0 in my matches in last years internationals; only the 3rd American to do so.

Shuffleboard also holds International Inaugurals each year where in 50 players travel to a foreign country and put on exhibitions to introduce the sport. We’ve been to Ireland, Brazil, England and Scandinavia the last few years. While in England we celebrated 1500 years of shuffleboard as started in King Arthur’s Court. In Denmark we introduced the game to people from Germany, Belgium, Holland, France, England, Russia, Denmark, Norway & Sweden. They all take part very enthusiastically and fill the portable courts waiting in line for their turn. All of this was covered by the Press and TV. This year the Internationals will have teams from Australia, Brazil, Japan, Canada, Germany and the United States.

International Meets bring in many spectators depending on the capacity of the facility. It ranges from several hundred to several thousand in arenas such as St Pete and in Canada where they play in Ice Hockey Arenas and have the seating.

The NATIONALS are held each year in various locations around the United States and draw large numbers of Shufflers and families who make a vacation of the trip. The Eastern Nationals are held in Hendersonville, NC; the Winter Nationals in Bradenton, Fl; the Summer Nationals in Lakeside, OH; and the Western Nationals moves around. When I attended the Nationals in Lakeside it was not unusual for people or whole families to ask if they could join me at my table for lunch or dinner because they were curious about Shuffleboard just because I had the jacket on. In Lakeside they also have a Junior Nationals and all fields including the Men and Women’s finals are played on Wednesday Evening and the grandstand is filled with about 1000 people. Canada also has a National Organization and National Tournaments. Joan holds six National Championships and I hold four, three concurrently at this time.

STATE tournament are held each year during season. Florida, Texas and Arizona are winter seasons. California is year around. Ohio, Michigan, North Carolina and Canada are summer seasons. Florida also has a 50 tournament, one day, summer season. Florida’s winter schedule draws by far the largest fields of players and interest among spectators with 50 to 90 teams per tournament and hundreds of spectators in and out. Some tournaments are Split sites due to size or travel distance. The best players play most all of these including Joan and I. The Florida State “Masters” is the premier of tournaments and Joan and I are reigning co-champions. Other States have Similar schedules only not as many tournaments.

The DISTRICTS. Florida is split into seven districts and each district holds about 20 tournaments a year. They have large fields of Pros and Amateurs with a big following. These are very popular with players that don’t want to travel so far. The district “Masters” is a big deal. Joan Cook has won the last four ladies titles and I’ve won both the Amateur and Pro “Masters” at the district level. Joan and I play most district tournaments.

The AREA tournaments are for local players who don’t want to travel or aren’t quite skilled enough yet, or realize they never will have the skill necessary to compete at the higher levels. These tournaments are sponsored locally and are well attended.

LEAGUE play draws the largest number of fun players in all locals in the state. These are multi-park competitions, and many people besides players get involved.

CLUB play. All Clubs have organized play for their members. Lots of people doing lots of things.

One thing they all have in common is they know who the Stars are especially their local Stars and how they are representing their Community. The Florida Shuffleboard Association has about 25,000 members and at least four times that many play shuffleboard with another, at least, twice that many involved.

Earl Ball: 2006 08 13.
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