Report #1 by Glenna Earle 2018 04 22. THE “UK” ARRIVAL.

Hosts Peter, Kerry and Leslie Davis

Glenna Earle Speaks: Speaking to us from the UK (The United Kingdom), along with several other “North Americans”, and our hosts, the  Davis Family, above!!   Hi all,

I shall send along a few notes and pix from the first day, beginning with our arrival in London.
Finally all managed to congregate at terminal 3 in the London airport where we were met by Peter Davis and the bus to take us to our hotel in Norwich, about a 2 1/2 hr ride on beautiful highways and byways with lots of spring flowering trees, green fields, and small villages along the roadside.
We reached our hotel without any mishaps and were assigned our rooms. Many people had left home in the late hours of Sat evening and arrived very early this AM so are therefore travel weary! Some of us were still mobile and sat outside with “tea”while watching the sights in front of the hotel. This is the 2nd of a 2 day stretch of magnificent weather they are experiencing here. We hope it lasts as we are to go on a sight-seeing tour tomorrow.
We were all invited to a lovely “meet and greet” in one of the conference rooms in the Maids Head. We enjoyed some canapés and coffee or tea while Peter explained the format the tournament is to take. We have never played this type of T before so it will be exciting to see how it works.
Following the briefing many of us decided to head off to a little pub within a block of the hotel but at that precise moment the heavens literally opened!!! We grabbed umbrellas and quickly braved the elements and walked to the spot which had been recommended by our leaders!! Unfortunately dinner was no longer being served at that hour, so off we went to another pub which gladly received a bunch of beyond tired, bleary-eyed, travelers. Food was good and prices very acceptable, and we were very well-behaved!
Returned to our hotel where everyone decided to head off to our respective rooms.
We have all “had it” for today.
Tomorrow promises to be another jam-packed day of adventure.
Stay tuned!
Glenna Earle. 2018 04 22.  Go here for background info: 

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