Report #2 by Glenna Earle Shuffling in the UK 2018 04 23

Glenna Earle Speaking: A beautiful breakfast in the oldest hotel in the UK. Unbelievable choices!  Now we await our tour bus which takes us to the Blickling Estate. More on that later.

Shuffleboard part of this adventure begins tomorrow.
My playing “partner” will be Harold Thorne throughout the next couple of days.
The men will be opposite the women on each court, although we are all playing singles, women play women at one end while men play men at the other.

We drew a letter card last night which indicated who will be with whom on the courts each time we play. Of course we will play a different pair on the opposing colour each time but Harold and I will always be on the same court.
There is a master chart which indicates which court and the opponents for each match (8 frames, 4 on each colour).
David drew me 1st but put it back so we would not have to play together. He knows he makes me nervous!!! The lady opposite him will be Sylvia Smith from the west.


Myrna drew Glenn Monroe and Bob Marshman drew Jan Crouse while Linda drew Chuck, so that was rather interesting. Don’t know how the others are connected.

Should be a couple of good shuffling days while they determine the top 6 women and men to play the next 2 days. The Thurs/Fri tournament will be teams from UK, NA, and Norway (they arrive Wed evening). Only 6 men and 6 women will play from each country.
So, that is an update on the type of tournament we are expecting.
More later.
Glenna 2018 04 23

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1 Response to Report #2 by Glenna Earle Shuffling in the UK 2018 04 23

  1. Cynthia says:

    Sounds like you are off to a great start! Have fun! Cynthia


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