Report #3 by Glenna Earle. Hollidaying With Fellow Shufflers. Norwich II about to begin!!

Glenna Earle Speaks:  The shuffleboard group made a trip to Blickling Estate (Home of Anne Boleyn – Henry VIII th’s 2nd wife) today which was about 1 hour from our hotel, through gorgeous countryside.

The weather is a bit cooler today but with a jacket we were very comfortable.
We toured the gardens which are so lush and green at this time of year, with wonderful tulips, hyacynths, bluebells, rhodos, azaleas, and many other species I did not recognize.
Following a walk around the grounds we toured the inside which was marvellous. Lots of period woodwork, paintings, & art work of many descriptions. Even toured the kitchens on the lowest level. An excellent tour with knowledgeable volunteers from Mutual Trust to give us pertinent information in every room.

The gift shop/coffee shop was a good stop to seek out souvenirs or a “spot of tea” and scones, or whatever other delectable delights you chose.
A lovely way to spend 3 hours.

Meanwhile back at the hotel we are resting up in prep for a Ghost Tour this evening.
More on this later. Not sure about pics on this next tour in the dark!

The hosts are keeping us busy and we are enjoying every minute.  Glenna

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