Great Story Re Objective Promotion!! 2018 04 24.

Kathy Brennan has sent this story of success along to me.  It is the story of Susan Howe, a capable writer, a capable thinker who has established OBJECTIVES, (see her para. two) assessed her expectations, AND THEN followed through to determine why her expectations were not met in  full, in all cases.  Finally, she submits a recommendation to assist in the primary objective.  Here is her story: Susan Howe on the left; Kathy Brennan on the right.

2018 Novice Associated Shuffleboard League

The Novice Associated Shuffleboard League ended the season with a tournament on March 10th, 2018. The league is comprised of players who attended Glen Peltier’s weekly Wednesday lessons (November through March) at the Clearwater Shuffleboard Club. The winner of this years trophy was Paula Switzer.

In an effort to increase the number of participants at Glen Peltier’s lessons this year, I created an online Meetup page, “shuffleboard:Try it You Might Like It.” The idea was that people would: (1) come to lessons on Wednesdays (2) play in the Saturday morning Novice Associated League, and (3) eventually become amateur Clearwater Shuffleboard Club Members.

A total of 83 members joined the online Meetup group. The first week of lessons there were 21 new players. Each week there were an average eight who kept coming week after week, and a few new ones who came and didn’t return. These were in addition to players returning from last season. So each week, an average of  40 players participated in Glenn’s lessons. Many members rejoined and three new members were recruited.

When I surveyed the Meetup players about why they did not join the Saturday morning novice league they were various responses. Many are younger and still employed. Others noted they have other activities in the earlier part of the day on the weekends. I was often asked if there was an evening shuffleboard option. A weekly evening or a late afternoon shuffleboard event might be something that would be well attended, maybe for a trial period.

I want to thank Kathy Brennan, Don Winkleblech, Norma Bruce, Jim Schiel, Roger Breault, Arron Dinkleman, Larry Aaberg and Yvon Lauzier for their support this season. I hope to see Carl Rogerson returning to his job this coming season. He was definitely missed by all of us.  Susan Howe.  

SHUFFLERS, that is the kind of approach we need on a broader basis in the FSA.  

Thanks to Kathy Brennan for sending this along!!

Stan McCormack.  2018 04 24

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