Remembering George Brockelbank by Stu Casselol

After nearly 96 years on this earth, our dear friend George Brockelbank has passed away. George was one of the first people we met when we moved to Avon Park, Florida and joined the Senior Recreation Club. He was among many who took us under their wings and taught us the intricacies of the great game of shuffleboard.

George and his wife Nancy soon became our good friends, and we saw them both at the courts and in our homes. They taught us how to play “Hoss Collar” and introduced us to the Sebring Shuffleboard club. Often on a Friday night we would drive together to Sebring to play Pin Shuffle. Sometimes when the clubs weren’t playing we’d meet them at the Avon Park club to play among ourselves. We had each other over for dinner, and occasionally we’d help them with computer problems.

I often think of George when I play shuffleboard remembering three things in particular that he was good at. 1) He was one of the few players I saw that had the guts and skill to go for a double when the original disk straddled a deep 7. 2) He could take almost any disk you put up for a block and use it for his own. 3) He was pretty good at hitting block disks on the lag line into the kitchen – in other words nothing was safe when you played him.

George had an excellent sense of humor and was a giving person. When the club held a “yard sale” to raise money he was one of the men who came by our house to pick up what we were donating.

In the short time that I had with George I learned a lot, shared many laughs, got beat a lot, but he left a lasting impression and a place in my heart. I’ll miss you my friend.

Stu Casselol.   Posted 2018 04 24.

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