Report #5 by Glenna Earle in the UK. Let the Games Begin!!

Borrowed from Glenn Monroe’s Pic on Face Book.

Glenna Earle Speaks: Another absolutely fun-packed day today in Norwich.  (Stan speaks: Thanks Glenna from ALL READERS!!  Luv Your Cap. Click on any pic to expand. ) 

The games began at 9AM – men playing against each other on one end of each court and 2 women playing the opposite. After 8 frames on these delightful click-together courts (like LEGO) where everyone has almost an equal footing in trying to play a good game, anything could and did happen. Peter Davis has done an excellent job or organized and moving the games along. We each played 5 games and in most cases once you finished your game you had the next game free to watch or grab a snack or whatever. Seems many of us from N. America have won 4 out of 5 games and some like David Earle and Sylvia Smith have yet to be defeated!!! The UK players have improved tremendously since we last visited in 2015. I see Stan has reposted some pics from our first visit to Norwich.
The last matches of the day were completed by 4:45PM and then it was time to go off to find a good spot for dinner.

We had heard of a lovely pub which was built in 1249 called Adam & Eve, so off we trotted in a light rain to find it……only about 2 blocks from our hotel. Everything is within a short walk it seems!!!

We found this quaint old establishment with friendly staff and marvellous atmosphere which was a joy to behold. The architecture spectacular and the food we would highly recommend. We relaxed and mingled with the locals as we unwound from our strenuous day.
While there who should appear in our midst but our friendly Ghost Tour guide from the previous evening!! Think he was there to whet his whistle also. We let him know we had been with him the evening before and he recognized us. Not sure why???
We told him we were ghost hunting and had heard there was a ghost associated with the Adam and Eve. Will post a pic of the detailed leaflet they gave me from the pub.

Left the pub and by now the rain was only heavy mist. Wanted a gelato so walked up the street toward the canal where we found another hidden small restaurant called North. Since we are all Northerners we just had to visit. We found our Gelato which was wonderful, as well as many other delectable treats.

Finally we are back in our hotel and relaxing until bedtime. Tomorrow we get up and start again, with the 2nd day of the tournament. Following this day the teams will be chosen to play days 3 and 4, which will include our Norwegian friends who should be arriving by tomorrow evening.  Will keep you posted.  Glenna (Earle) Posted 2018 04 24.

Here are a couple of pics of a leaflet they gave me at Adam and Eve.
The menu is on the back which I have also included just to tempt your palette.


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