We Share With You Shuffling in Exeter, ON

In shuffleboard, players earn points by landing their discs within certain point ranges. Players can knock the discs of others. CHAD INGRAM/MINDEN TIMES/QMI AGENCY

Sports:  Exeter shuffleboard scores. April 17 – 3 wins: Sharon McNeilly 267 and Sandra Tryon 190. 2 wins: Orca Jopling 214, Chris Turner 193, Phil Turner 187, Bob Boogemans 150, Jerry Mathers 144, Jean Crerar 142, Bill Rowe 139, Fran Mickle 132, Phyllis Mathers 126, Suzanne Davis 115, Lloyd Walters 111 and Del Nixon 99.

Exeter is in the province of Ontario.  Exeter is a community in the municipality of South Huron, in the southern portion of Huron County, Ontario, Canada, located approximately 50 kilometres north of London. The community proclaims itself the “Home of the White Squirrel”, owing to the presence of the unusually-coloured mammals.

Exeter’s town hall constructed in 1887, Right: Exeter’s water tower, Bottom Left: An Exeter, Ontario White Squirrel



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1 Response to We Share With You Shuffling in Exeter, ON

  1. Moe & Teresa says:

    Where are the courts in Exeter Stan? Do you have a contact person?


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