Did You Know by Kenny Offenther and Stan McCormack??

Kenny Speaks:  Did you know?—in the 1970s Omero Catan a player and leader in the SECD  had a vision,

He tried to form a UNITED STATES professional shuffleboard league with teams from many different cities. Omero placed ads across the country in publications offering franchises for 1 dollar. Sadly there was not a single response and his dream died an early death. 

Stan Speaks: Did you know? The Man with the Green Jacket is having a Knee Replacement on 2018 04 26????  He will not be able to drive for six weeks??  Following that he is having his cataracts removed!!  He may get to play some Ontario tournaments OR NOT??  He will be a new man when he arrives back in Florida!!! LOOK OUT EARL BALL!!!  All Shufflers wish Glen the very best with his surgery, and hope for a rapid recovery!!  Stan McCormack. 2018 04 25. 

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1 Response to Did You Know by Kenny Offenther and Stan McCormack??

  1. gerdykman says:

    Hello Glen.
    We hope and pray that the surgery will go well, and you will have a speedy recovery.
    Gerrit & Gerdien Dykman

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