Report #6 by Glenna Earle in the UK!!! 2018 04 25


Norwich Open 2018. Gift From Deb. 

Pix from the 2nd day shuffling in the 2nd Norwich Open.
The lists you see are the 6 men and 6 women from North America who will play in the next 2 Day portion of the tournament which will include our Norwegian friends. The other 6 men and ladies are the UK players who earned their place on the team to play the next 2 days.


In addition to the wind-up of the first portion of the Norwich Open, everyone was invited to dinner and music at St Andrews Brewery where many people toured the facility. We pre-ordered dinner which was tasty. Must have been quite a feat to get all the meals out to the correct recipients. They did well. Our Norwegian friends arrived in time to join us for this occasion. What a party!

One of the highlights of the evening for many of us was the entertainment provided by Roscoe, a jazz musician who played soprano sax. He played many old hits we all knew, show tunes, Sinatra, even Dream A Little Dream (remember the Mamas & Papas)! He was great.

We all were very pleased and impressed to receive a lovely gift of a handsome notepad holder done in beautiful shuffleboard fabric which Debby Stuart from Charlotte, NC, designed and embroidered with the Norwich Open on the front. Pic at very top.

Now we are all retiring to our rooms in preparation for the 3rd day of the Norwich Open.

Thanks to Peter & Lesley Davis, together with Jim & Beth for their attention to detail in achieving a very successful event in Norwich thus far…..and it is not over yet!!! Glenna. Click on any pic to expand. Many Thanks Glenna.  Stan 2018 04 25 19:30 EFastTime.

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1 Response to Report #6 by Glenna Earle in the UK!!! 2018 04 25

  1. jjoanne gallivan says:

    Glenna, Enjoying your posts from Norwich immensely. Looks like you’re having a fabulous time!


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