Report 8, Day 3 by Glenna Earle! 2018 04 26

Glenna Earle Speaks: More news from Norwich England:
An interesting poster was hanging just outside the Halls where we are shuffling. (Click on pic to expand)
Would love to be here for this concert.
You will see a pic of a human body model which is standing just outside the Norwich Institute of Technology. Quite impressive.

Amaretto is a fine little establishment just across from where we are playing. They serve the most wonderful lunches- breads, chilli, lasagne, sandwiches (homemade bread), salads, casseroles, as well as a number of other treats.
This evening dinner was at the Wig & Pen. I have a hard time to remember it is not called the Pig’n Whistle!!! It is a tiny Pub about one block from the hotel and the food is most acceptable and reasonable.

My companions this evening are Glenn, Linda & Bob Marshman, and David.
It has been a beautiful day weather-wise with sunshine all day. Not hot but very comfortable, probably around 15 or 16oC. Lots of shirt sleeves on the passers by.
Glenna Earle, 2018 04 26. Posted by Stan: 2018 04 26 19:40 Eastern Day Light Saving Time 

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