Supplement to Glenna’s Report #7 by Stan McCormack. 2018 04 27.

Stan Speaks: Those following Glenna’s reporting from the UK will remember seeing this pic. (above) On the board are the scores for the women, from left to right, Women of the UK (United Kingdom); women of North America, (Canada and the USA); and the Vikings.  Many of you know that Norway has joined the Tournament; but VIKINGS, who are they????  Are not Vikings the Terrible Marauders of the past??  Go Here: 

Click to see, and read. The fenced area was an example of the dwelling in which the Vikings lived while in L’Anse Aux Meadow.  Lois and I have visited L’Anse aux Meadows twice, once with Grandchildren, once without. It is a National Heritage Site, an informative and interesting Site.

This evening, 2018 04 27, following Dinner, the Vikings, i.e. the Norwegians, leave for their native land. The Canadians and the Americans will leave behind the Brits BUT will meet up with the Germans and the Austrians on Saturday for a two day Tournament in Vienna Austria.   This will be a singles event and will include at least 16 members of the German Shuffleboard Association, and 8 members of the newly formed Austrian Shuffleboard Association. Peter Krappel, the President of the Austrian Shuffleboard Association

Posted by Stan McCormack. 2018 04 27.


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