Breaking News: Glenna is Back; This Time in Vienna Austria!! 2018 04 28

Shufflers Arrival in Vienna Austria

Glenna Earle Speaks: Today we said farewell to Norwich and boarded the bus taking us to the London airport.
On our way we dropped the folks from Norway off in London where they will spend a few days, and then we went on to Heathrow.
Some of the pictures below are in the airport as we awaited our flight. The journey was about 2 hours long and we left in the rain. You will see the lineup of aircraft waiting to take off behind us. By the time we reached Vienna it was sunny and the temp had risen from 10oC to 24!! Jackets and long sleeves no longer needed.

You will see a pic of us loading the bus for the ride to the Marriott Courtyard, our home for the next 5 days, for us. Some will be heading home Wed but we and the Marshman’s are staying until Fri.
Upon arrival we were met by a group of our German friends who very warmly welcomed us, as well as our new friends from Austria.
They had a wonderful spread of food and drinks waiting for us which really hit the spot.

We were welcomed by the Austrian President Peter Krappel, who is very glad to host us in his beautiful city. We from North America will be ready and willing to help teach some tips and hints to our newest International players as we go along. When we play the Germans we will need to be on our best game, as they have been practicing for several years now and are formidable opponents.

Our tournament director for the next 2 days is Deiter Hussman, President of the German Shuffleboard Association. He has explained to us how the days will work which will be like ISA singles. We will be 8 groups of 6 and will play each of those in our group. Then the top 2 players in each group will play each other in another round robin arrangement. Eventually we will have winners at all levels.

Our new friend Elizabeth of Austria, who met us at the airport will be our guide tomorrow when we hop on the train to head to the shuffling venue. It should prove to be a very exciting adventure for the coming few days. Click on pix once to expand.
Stay tuned!!!  Glenna

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