VETERANS’S SHUFFLEBOARD CLINIC – sent along by Dale Monday.

VETERANS’S SHUFFLEBOARD CLINIC – The Palm Gardens Resort in Mesa, AZ, in conjunction with the Phoenix Veterans Hospital Rehabilitation Unit, is hosting the Veteran’s Shuffleboard Clinic. The clinic is operated twice a month for three months. The Veteran “Heroes” are provided both classroom and hands-on instructions in the art of playing the game. The Palm Gardens Activity Association donates the refreshments for the event and the resort residents volunteer to work in the kitchen, referee, keep score provide instructions.

At the conclusion of the clinic the veterans will compete in a tournament with the awards being donated by M & S Shuffleboard and Awards. All the veterans and volunteers will be treated to an awards luncheon that is being donated by the Stewart Family, owners of the Palm Gardens Resort.

At the top I have placed pictures of the clinic that was held on April 25th. Please note the joy that all the shufflers and volunteers were experiencing during the playing of the game. Currently we have 21 veterans registered for the clinic. Unfortunately, we are getting close to our maximum number that we can have due to space limitation in our hall.

On two separate occasions (one this year and one last year) two of the veterans relayed to Sheila and I a story I feel needs to be told to everyone. They both told us that after their medical treatment they became very depressed. They did not leave their homes except to go to their medical appointments and necessary grocery shopping. They sat in their rooms watching television and playing video games. They did not want to interact with anybody. They just wanted to be left alone. One of them told us that one day while at the veteran’s hospital he was talking with another veteran and the other vet relayed to him about the shuffleboard clinic and how much fun the veterans were having and how well the residents of the resort interacted with them. So, he decided to come to the next clinic. The other veteran relayed a similar story. Now both of them are attending every session interacting with the other veterans and volunteers and saying they can’t wait until the next clinic. When I heard these stories, I became very emotional (almost crying) and I thanked the Lord for giving Sheila and I the idea and know-how to pursue getting this clinic started. I also thank the Lord for all the volunteers and the donors that help make this such a successful event and provide me and all the volunteers with great memories.

Dale Monday, President
Arizona Shuffleboard Association &
Veterans Shuffleboard Clinic Coordinator

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2 Responses to VETERANS’S SHUFFLEBOARD CLINIC – sent along by Dale Monday.

  1. stanistheman says:

    Comment by Dale: Excellent article which moved me to tears as well. What you, Sheila, and the other volunteers are doing for these Veterans is really immeasurable. Affecting even one life in this positive way, you deserve a spot in Heaven. I hope you will keep this up as long as you can. Thanks also to the Stewart’s whom you have told me support this project each year.

    If you agree, I would like to see this article reproduced after publication, in the PG Newsletter this fall. And once I can walk again reasonably well, I want to come watch the fruits of your efforts.

    Jerry Jansen. Posted by Stan FOR JERRY JANSEN.


  2. hwshuffle says:

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