Glenna Earle Reporting from Vienna Austria. Play Has Begun!!

In front of our Hotel. For the few who may not know, that is Harold Thorne.

Glenna Speaks:  Today was our first day of playing at Hakoah sports centre in Vienna.
Am including some pics as we gathered this AM to walk to the train which whisked us to the site. The glass building is alongside our hotel, with a little pool between.

The sports building is a marvellous facility with plenty of room for 6 shuffle courts.
Dieter has the tournament organized to perfection and all went according to plan today. If you go to and when the page opens, look for the 8 small circles at the bottom. Click on the 2nd, then the 3rd, and so on.
You will see who is playing in each of the 8 groups and the way they appear is where everyone stands after 4 games. The 5th of this round robin will be played in the A.M. Some of us have equal numbers of wins so not sure how he has chosen to place one ahead of another, maybe by score.
They brought in an elaborate lunch which was most enjoyable. We will all need to consider dieting when we return home.

Came back to our hotel after we finished playing and many of us ate here at the bar. More very tasty food! Tomorrow will end up with a banquet. Breakfast here at the hotel was spectacular. Don’t think they forgot anything with the gorgeous breads, eggs, bacon, ham, fish, fruit, cereals, juices, coffee, and I am sure several other things I have forgotten.

We are now sitting down to relax awhile before heading to bed. Some of the shufflers have gone down town so we will probably hear about some interesting stories tomorrow.
Glenna Earle.  Reporting from Vienna Austria.

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1 Response to Glenna Earle Reporting from Vienna Austria. Play Has Begun!!

  1. Tom W says:

    Wish I were there!!


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