Glenna Earle Shares With Us The Final Report of the Vienna Open. 2018 04 30

Hi all From Glenna:  The 1st Vienna Open has come to a conclusion with everyone being ranked according to how well we played against each of our opponents.

If you have been following the link I mentioned yesterday to see who was playing whom and how the standings changed as the games went along, you will have been impressed with the detail and skill of the designer, OLIVER SCHWARTEN, of Germany. Ollie is a genius in designing computer programs and has done an excellent job of keeping us all informed, as it is happening. Thanks Ollie. We missed seeing you here in Vienna.  Here is the link:  click on the small circles at bottom.  Glenna also said this: “We want to THANK Stan McCormack of the shuffler blog for getting all these reports out to the shuffleboard world so all will know what we have been doing over here in Europe. Without his expertise not nearly as many people would know what we have been doing.”

The pictures below are the winners of the top 4 places. Stefan on the left, Dieter to the right as they were playing their final game.
Harold & Doris….I am sure you will be able to determine which is which!

The score board shows the scores of Dieter & Stefan at the head, while Doris (our only lady in the finals) & Harold’s scores were shown on the right side of the board (the foot). You can see the scores were very close, therefore a great match to watch!  Click on the pic of the scoreboard to enlarge.

1st Stefan Stadtmuller -Germany
2nd Dieter Hussman- Germany
3rd Harold Thorne- USA
4th Doris Hanke- USA

If you wish to see where the rest of us placed, just look at the “standings” on the link I included in yesterday’s post.

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1 Response to Glenna Earle Shares With Us The Final Report of the Vienna Open. 2018 04 30

  1. Sandi Quinn says:

    What fun . . congrats to all!! Thanks Glenna!


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