Glenna Expresses Thanks to Those Who Worked to Make the Events Successful.

Glenna Earle Speaks: It has been a wonderful tournament with all kinds of new experiences and many new and old acquaintances to enjoy. We have had a marvellous time here in Vienna.
> THANKS, to Peter Krappel (Austria) and his team for organizing the event for us in magnificent Vienna. So beautiful!!! The venue is perfect.

> THANKS, to Dieter Hussman, for doing a great job of running the tournament. Well done Dieter!
> THANKS to the Allens (Jim & Beth)- they are the best organizers of tours such as this, for the promotion of shuffleboard!!! If you ever get a chance to join one of these events, do not hesitate to sign up. You will not be disappointed!!!!! I am sure they will be exhausted when they return home but they are absolutely THE BEST!! They are always looking out for us and never leave anyone not knowing where they are expected to be next. We are ever so grateful to you both.
> THANK YOU to all the people who made the effort to come to Vienna to play this tournament. It was a wonderful event and I for one, enjoyed the company of all the US and Canadian travellers who made up the North American contingent. It was fabulous to renew friendships with the Germans, and getting to know our newest Austrian members of the ISA. What an amazing group of brilliant folks!

Last but definitely not least, I would like to sincerely thank STAN MCCORMACK, who maintains the shuffler blog, for his never tiring attention to keeping all shufflers around the world informed about what is happening. Without his skills and computer expertise we would not know about events such as this one where people are promoting and exposing new countries to the wonderful game of shuffleboard.

MOST OF ALL, EACH OF US extends a very special thank you to Glenna!!!  Glenna’s articles are always, enjoyable, well written, and easy to post.  I can assure you this requires talent and dedication!!  Glenna has both in spades!!!  Glenna’s articles make The Shuffler “The Blog of Choice”.   Thank You Glenna from all Shufflers.  Stan. 

> We will look forward to the ISA Singles event which will be hosted in Vienna in 2019.
> Thanks for following my reports everyone, and I hope you have enjoyed hearing about our adventures.
> Glenna Earle  2018 05 01

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3 Responses to Glenna Expresses Thanks to Those Who Worked to Make the Events Successful.

  1. kastawaykaty says:

    “Thank You” Glenna Earle and Stan McCormack for your collaboration of material bringing us the very best news in our world of shuffleboard!!! Kudo’s to many of the other contributors also, including Earl Ball.


  2. Joyce Smith says:

    I have really enjoyed all the articles and photos. Thanks to all of you for sharing.


  3. Jim Allen says:

    Thank you Glenna. The past decade has seen European shuffleboard go from infancy to a stronghold, because of dedicated folks like you guys. The future is shuffleboard in Europe continues to be very bright!


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