3 Additional Articles From My Archives. Hope You Enjoy. 2018 05 02.


Grant Boshart. May he RIP

Grant Boshart and his partner stormed through the Florida Shuffleboard Association State Pro Championship losing only one game along the way! That game though was critical as it lead to a 3rd game in the semi finals with John Brown and Darvin Mueller winning the all-important lag for color. Late in the game with the score 58-44 Grant, playing the foot, made a nearly impossible 10-8 double against the drift and barely enough room to hold the 10 for a 62-58 lead. John faced his hammer with an open board and looked to shoot a 10 to give his partner a chance for the win. He took his time lined up the shot, checked and rechecked his drift card; finally he let it go and go it did >> just a little too far. Darvin facing a desperate situation from the foot tried everything he could but in the end, Grant had the match-winning block on the board.
Then it was on to Glen Peltier and George Shaver for the final.  The match was on and with Glen and George leading 55-39 on back-to-back “Fred Wilkens 8’s”; Grant scored 15 to bring the score to 55-54 and his partner put the nail in the coffin dumping two of George’s in the kitchen and scoring 7, end of threat.
In the second game at 15-14 George found three more of his in the kitchen and 8 on the board forcing an uphill battle. But they did battle back to 74-70 but Grant had the hammer and Glen tried his darndest to get a kitchen but left one of Grants on the board, Grant covered it up for game, match and Championship!
Along the way Grant’s Partner rung up his 7th victory of the season!

Down in Lee County (Ft Myers) at the Florida Shuffleboard Association State Pro Tournament Jim Bailey and Phil Rebholz battled all out to win the Championship! They won only one match in two games. Starting in the quarters they beat Walt Wedel and Buck Buchanan by the slimmest of margins with Wedel having a chance to kitchen one of Bailey’s two sevens on his last shot for victory the block went just long. In the semis against Gus Bondi and Jerry Campbell, Phil chose to leave a 10 on the board and go for the win from the foot. He scored and won the game 76-74. The finals against Jerry Stannard and Jack Wells was the only two game match they won and it was a real battle with both games decided by a block making Jerry and Jack bridesmaids for the second week in a row! It was Jim’s fourth victory of the year in what is shaping up to be his biggest year. He’s less than 30 points from qualifying for the “Hall of Fame”.



Doreen and Ed in 2006. Doreen Has Left Us. RIP

The OSA (Ontario Shuffleboard Assn.) Singles Event ended on June 14th of 2006. Although the Expert level of participation was less than desired or expected, the Amateurs turned out in “big numbers”!! The majority of the AMs were from the local area and this is clear evidence that shuffling is AOK in the Midland/Coldwater area. Should add that it was great to see so many participants who drove from Sudbury!! Good to have you!!
I believe that everyone would agree the event was a success; things ran smoothly; lots of gifts/prizes and all appeared to be having a great time. The Midland Club is to be congratulated. 2 Couples had a particular and significant impact on the success of the event. (Pix in the margin) Ed and Doreen McGrath collected just under $800.00 in gift certificates and gifts!!! They are shown with the posted list of supporters from the Midland area. IT CAN BE DONE FOLKS!! Thanks to Ed and Doreen!!
The Pollocks, strangers to almost no shuffler, did what they always do!! Work to ensure our enjoyment!! Lorraine ensuring the Tournament ran smoothly; Bill assisting Lorraine, applying beads, not only assisting in laying out the Roll Out Courts but also cleaning and sweeping as the tournament wound down. Just a great job “guys”!! Our sincere appreciation to the contribution the two of you continue to make to shuffleboard!! Bill did find time to demonstrate his always present “good humour” by allowing me to catch him “encouraging Lorraine”!!
See the RESULTS page for names and pix of Tournament Winners. Stan of THE SHUFFLER, 2006 06 15.

2006 11 12: Most of you Canucks have now been out of Canada long enough to be “into withdrawal” for a Cup of Tim Hortons Coffee!!

I thought if appropriate to update the ongoing saga of Tim Horton’s presence in Kandahar where “TIM” is providing coffee to the 2300 plus Canadian troops!! I now find out that the employees, civilians, are in receipt of a risk allowance reported to be circa $2,000.00 a month!! (To maintain the currency and correctness of our article, the Dutch have now assumed command of the Afghan NATO forces. See next line)

2006 02 26: As Canadian troops take command of NATO operations in Kandahar, General Rick Hillier, Canada’s Chief of Defence Staff, the country’s top soldier says the dangerous mission in Afghanistan should be seen by Canadians as “a force for good.” (Source; CBC News)
Hillier also said it would be a big morale booster to have a Tim Hortons franchise in Kandahar.
“We need a Tim Hortons franchise where those 2,300 plus soldiers and sailors and airmen and air women live in Kandahar,” he said. Hillier invited the CEO of Tim Hortons to accompany him to Kandahar and set up a coffee shop. The company issued a statement making no promises but saying it would look at ways of fulfilling the general’s request.

The Snowbirds from Canada Would Enjoy America Even More ~~ if only TIM HORTONS!!
True Story! Less than 1 year ago as a middle age man was waiting in the line-up for coffee at “Tim Hortons” (common practice for many customers); he leaned back to stretch as he relaxed in line. A middle age female, also waiting in line, mistook the “stretch” for a wave and being polite, waved back. After she received her coffee at the window, she pulled over to find out who had waved at her. The male, thinking indeed that he must know the female, since she pulled over and stopped, also pulled over to see who had waved. It turned out that neither had ever met before. Six months later they were married. After their marriage, they shared their story with the Management of “TIMS”!! Tim Horton will celebrate their anniversary this spring. To celebrate what can and does happen at Tim Hortons, the picture of that couple will appear on take out coffee cups; take out donut bags and boxes, and anything else possible!! Americans!! Next time you are shuffling along side a Canuck, ask him/her if indeed Tim Horton’s coffee ALWAYS HAS THIS IMPACT??? * OK folks, here is the “historical foot-note” I promised you in the intro. The keeper of the Canadian Oxford Dictionary has announced that the term “Double-Double” has made it into our official Canadian Dictionary! It would be insulting for me to explain its meaning!! Stan 2004 12 22.

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