Earl Ball Speaks of the USA NSA “PIN”!! A One Time Award!! 2018 05 03.

Nancy Proudly Displays

Lyle Proudly Displays

As you look at the picture of the National Champions Pin that Lyle Walker is holding or that Nancy Myklejord is wearing, you could easily wonder what the big deal is????

That is, unless you are a Shuffleboard Player. To Shuffleboard Players it is among the most significant medals you can be awarded!! You are a National Champion!

You can only receive it once, and it’s not easy!!!!  Earl Ball: 2018 05 03.

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2 Responses to Earl Ball Speaks of the USA NSA “PIN”!! A One Time Award!! 2018 05 03.

  1. Thomas Gionet President St Cloud Shuffleboard Club says:

    Congratulations to you both.


  2. Jerry Stannard Pres. SWCD says:

    Can’t agree with you here Earl. While it is a beautiful pin, because you only can get one doesn’t make it special. Many of the Nationals are sparsely attended so not nearly as hard to get as an HOF, Masters or top 8. As the National doesn’t fund the tournaments maybe they are to tight to spring for a few more pins.


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