Jim Miller Left Us To-day. Report by Earl Ball. 2018 05 06

Earl Ball and Jim Miller


Thank you to all of you that called or emailed to be sure I knew.
It’s true Jim passed away this afternoon of an apparent Heart attack. I talked to his wife Jo and she told me he had taken his parachute plane out, not to fly but to practice driving it. He lost control and the corner believes he had a heart attack and didn’t suffer. Jo says the loss hasn’t really set in yet but I’m sure she is devastated as is the Shuffle World. Jim was a tremendous competitor and as nice a person as you will ever meet and yes, I agree, only his wife Jo is as nice a person. Jo, we are all with you and we couldn’t be sorrier for your loss and Shuffleboards loss.
Earl 5-6-2018

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2 Responses to Jim Miller Left Us To-day. Report by Earl Ball. 2018 05 06

  1. Tom Winkelspecht says:

    Sad news indeed, shock is more appropriate. I never had the opportunity to play Jim, I’ve watched him, spoken to him. Jim will be missed by many, may he rest in peace and his family be comforted.


  2. Jim says:

    We in the Southwest District will greatly miss Jim as he and wife Jo were two of our greatest workers, Jo in the booth and all over with “stuff” every for every gathering and Jim maintaining everything at the Bradenton club and doing courts from Florida to Michigan. Jim was one of the all time greats as attested to by his nearly 500 pts and Masters championships at both the state and district levels and hi many National championships. Our thoughts and prayers go out but we know he joins his friends Paul Miller, who recently passed, and Mel Erb on the courts up above.


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